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انواع پنیر پیتزا تکین

Pizza Cheese

We produce all kinds of pizza cheese for home, restaurant and fast food use

انواع خمیر پیتزا تکین

Pizza bread

We produce all kinds of pizza bread for home, restaurant and fast food use

انواع خمیر پیراشکی تکین

piroshky dough

We are the producer of delicious piroshky dough in various and popular flavors.

Representative of Takin Pizza Cheese:

To get more information about us and to obtain representation, you can fill out the application form for representation in cities without representation and contact our colleagues through other means of communication. All our contact methods are listed on the front page. You can connect with our experts online by subscribing to Takin Telegram channel or through WhatsApp. Also, if you want to know the latest posts and news, follow our official pages on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We always appreciate your support.

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cooking training

Here are the recipes for various types of pizza and dumplings for you. And we hope you enjoy cooking with our products.

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our products:

At present, the products of poonak Shir Khavaran include various types of cheese pizza, pizza crust and piroshky dough. For more information about products, visit the products section. Due to the great reception of the esteemed consumers, now the active representatives of poonak Shir Khavaran – Takin are working in all parts of the country and deliver Takin products (cheese pizza, pizza bread and dumpling dough) to the dear customers. At present, Takin products are easily available to you, dear consumer, thanks to its active agencies all over the country. But for the well-being of your loved ones, our effort is to increase the number of dealers and thus facilitate your access to single products. If you also have a broadcasting company or want to cooperate with us and offer our products to your customers, please contact us.

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