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A warning about milk shortages next year
Ahmed Moghaddasi, head of the Dairy Association said: “animal feed is scarce and has a high price. Red meat prices are also rising and have created incentives to sell livestock, which lead to a decline in milk and dairy production next year. livestock farmers had 1,300,000 livestock exports last year, but the export of this product was immediately banned and paved the way for smugglers who are parasites of the country’s economy. The production of milk has increased 5.7% this year compared to last year, but the ongoing current situation leads adverse results.”

Today we are facing many economic crises. And this raises the need for governments to pay more attention to the private sector. Currently, both producers and consumers need the attention and support of governments. To be able to continue their activities and be useful and active in their country’s economy.

sell livestock

Livestock sales cause serious damage to the dairy industry. An injury that we may not be able to repair in the years to come.

The government and relevant organizations must seek effective and immediate solutions to these problems. Solutions that remove production barriers and change the production cycle. Currently, both producers and consumers are facing serious problems. Rising prices, on the one hand, and declining welfare and purchasing power, on the other, have confused society.

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