Cheese is addictive like drugs

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Do you know that you can also use addictive substances?

In general, we like some foods more. This interest may go so far as to make us dependent. Dependence on different foods has its own reasons. But you may not have thought that you might be addicted to certain foods.

Yes that’s right. We have all heard the word addiction about drugs and may not even know that some healthy foods also cause addiction and mental dependence.

To better understand this issue, read on…

According to research from the University of Michigan, foods that use cheese make people somehow unwanted and practically addictive. Using a method to determine the addictive nature of food called yale and the cooperation of 500 volunteers, the researchers found that the most addictive food in the world is pizza. Cheese burgers and cheese came next. The reason for choosing these 3 foods at the top of the list was the presence of fatty pizza cheese in them. According to the study, people are more likely to eat fatty foods. Dr. Neil Bernard acknowledged that the mechanism of action of cheese on the brain and its effect on relaxation is similar to the mechanism of action of heroin and is addictive. By eating and digesting cheese, the hormone casomorphine is released in the brain, which causes relaxation.

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