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World Pizza Day

In 2007, on this day, UNESCO added pizza to its list of intangible cultural heritage. Intangible heritage covers a wide range of topics, including performing arts, traditional science and skills, local customs, and more. For this reason, this day has been called World Pizza Day.

The birthplace of pizza

Many people consider the birthplace of modern pizza to be Naples in Italy. Pizza is a type of food whose main basis is a loaf of bread. Which can be round or in other shapes. This bread is often made from flour and wheat dough. In the first pizzas of history, tomato sauce was poured over the dough along with local cheeses. But over time, this recipe improved and soon other different ingredients such as olives, mushrooms, peppers, onions, a variety of meats (sausages, red meats, white meats, etc.) and even fruits such as pineapple. Added to pizza.

The popularity and variety of pizza

People all over the world have created a unique variety of pizza by changing the ingredients of pizza. In every country, region, and neighborhood, pizza was adapted to the tastes of the people, and wherever necessary, changes were made to the liking of its fans. Eventually, by adding ingredients to the pizza, different types of pizzas were created, each with its own unique place among the people. Some pizzas became more popular and some more special and unique. The process of making pizza popular all over the world continues until the World Travel Counter page published a report naming the 58 most popular foods in the world in order of popularity. It is interesting to know that Italian pizza is at the top of this list. This means that pizza is the most popular food in the world.

The most famous pizzas

Famous pizzas that are widely known as international cuisine include Naples Pizza, Chicago Pizza, New York Pizza, Cecil Pizza, Greek Pizza, California Pizza, Detroit Pizza, and St. Louis Pizza.

Today, around 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each day. To be more precise, for example, in the United States, about 350 pieces of pizza are sold every second.

Pizza baking methods

There are several ways to bake pizza. These include small brick ovens, traditional metal stoves, hot metal conveyor belts, coal stoves, simple home ovens or even frying pans. Of course, it has been observed in some cases that soldiers in ancient wars even used their shields on fire to prepare simple and basic pizzas.

Types of pizza cheese

Mozzarella cheese is commonly used to make pizza. Buffalo mozzarella is used in Italy and the city of Naples, but other Italian cheeses are also used in pizza, including provolone cheese, ricotta cheese, Pacurino Romano cheese, and so on. Cited.

In general, the use of processed cheeses due to the appropriate price and quality, is used in industrial and mass production of pizza. The main reason for using these cheeses is their good quality, elasticity, melting, fat and good shelf life. Which leads to customer, producer and end consumer satisfaction.

The strangest pizzas in the world

Pizza, due to its international popularity, was able to enter the Guinness Book of Records with titles such as the largest, longest and even most expensive pizza.

The world’s largest pizza

In 2012, the world’s largest pizza with an area of ​​۱۲۶۱ square meters was prepared in Rome, Italy. The pizza is named after the first Roman emperor, Augustus Ottavia. Other features of this pizza include its gluten-free base.

The world’s longest pizza

In 2017, the world’s longest pizza was prepared in Fontana, California. With a length of 193039 meters, this pizza is the longest pizza in the world.

The most expensive pizza in the world

But the most expensive pizza that is commercially baked and recognized in the world is related to the Kitchen New York Industrial Restaurant in 2017. In preparing this pizza, black squid ink paste, English Stilton cheese, French foie gras and oyster caviar truffles from the Caspian Sea, diamond caviar and 24 carat gold sheets were used. More expensive pizzas were later reported in other parts of the world, but none were recognized by Guinness.

Specialized museum of pizza

You may not even think that there is a specialized museum for pizza. The Pizza Museum in Philadelphia is the largest pizza collection in the world, registered in 2011 as the largest collector of pizza items.

Consume pizza

Nutritionists consider the continuous and long-term consumption of pizza to be harmful to people’s health. They believe that pizza is not a healthy food source because of its fat, salt and therefore high calories. But research on people in Italy who used to eat pizza consistently in their diet showed that they were less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people who ate very little pizza. Although no definite and significant relationship has been found between these features and the properties of pizza, what can be assured is that if the pizza is prepared in a Mediterranean style with healthy foods and fresh vegetables, it can be a healthy food. And be useful.

Suggestions for World Pizza Day

Today is World Pizza Day, so for pizza friends and pizza lovers it is a little different from other days of the year. Maybe today can be considered synonymous with Valentine’s Day pizza. Anyway today for pizza fans it should be a little different. We suggest you invite yourself to your favorite pizza today. You can even buy a pizza gift for yourself, such as a book, socks or even a small spy, or anything that makes you happy and at the same time related to pizza.

If you are at home and you need time and facilities, start working now and invite yourself and your loved ones to a homemade pizza. You can even ask your friends to accompany you. Make a circle and cook the pizza together. You can even set up a cooking contest and challenge your friends and loved ones. Make a small pizza-themed gift and give it to your friends.

Given that World Pizza Day is on Wednesday, you are probably at work. You can invite yourself and your colleagues to pizza today, or order pizza at your workplace and have a short round of pizza with your daily work.

The last word

It does not matter if your program today is short and short or big and amazing, it is important that you create happy and different moments for yourself and your loved ones on the pretext of World Pizza Day. Today is World Pizza Day and a small excuse to make you happy today.

So eat pizza today and be happy.

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