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People usually get closer because of the common problems and pains they have. Expressing sympathy for all of us will lead to satisfaction and improve our human relationships and societies. In addition, expressing sympathy can be a consolation to the injured person. In some cases, honorable people who consider themselves in pain and with their fellow human beings, take creative actions to express this sympathy. The international popularity of pizza helps in these cases. Pizza is a popular, tasty and even uplifting gift. So we can also use pizza to show our emotions and feelings.

In this regard, in this article, we will discuss an example of these humanitarian behaviors of pizza.

Staff at the Edmonton Airport Watchtower in Canada sent hundreds of pizzas to their American counterparts to show their solidarity. Employees have not been paid since December due to a temporary shutdown by the US government. The pizzas were first sent to the Anchorage Airport Watchtower in Alaska. The idea then went viral, and employees of 36 watchtowers received pizza from their Canadian counterparts. Of course, the number of these pizzas is increasing and has reached other airports as well.

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