Pizza clothes taken from pizza…

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Pizza clothes taken from pizza…

Pizza is a favorite food of people all over the world. It may seem strange to you, but this international food has inspired the creativity of many people. From chefs and pizzas in all history and nations to fashion designers and artists. These creative works have sometimes caused small changes in the recipe or even created a new taste. But sometimes pizza becomes a topic of interest. A subject that even attracts the attention of the media and the people. Below we discuss one of these creative works.

If you love food and fashion in life, your dream dress is designed and sewn. American pizza designer Olivia Myers has designed a pizza-inspired shirt that is beyond your imagination. This designer has designed and sewn special clothes in a creative and different movement. The image of peppers, olives, sausages and mushrooms on this dress makes it very colorful and attractive and shows what a delicious pepperoni pizza it is made of. The model who wore this particular design was called the Pizza Queen and was crowned on her bed made of pizza boxes. Not surprisingly, many people fell in love with this dress.
how about you? Do you like pizza clothes?

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