The standard of Iranian dairy products has reached the European standard

“The standard of Iranian dairy products has reached the European standard”, said Shahryar Dabirian, qualitative expert of the dairy industry of Iran. He stated that some of dairy products have gained IR code of veterinary organization after qualitative investigations, and now they can be exported to European countries such as Russia, which has strict standards. […]

The biggest milk producing countries in the world

The body can achieve its required energy, bones and teeth can be stronger, and the immunity can be increased by intake milk. A variety products can be made of milk such as butter, cream, yogurt, and types of cheese. Accordingly, most of the countries are trying to increase milk production using modern technology. The Daily […]

Australian Chef Sets New Record for Most Varieties of Cheese on a Pizza

A restaurant in Berlin last year seized the Guinness World Record for “Greatest Variety of Cheese on a Pizza,” but 111 types of cheese wasn’t nearly enough as far as Johnny di Francesco was concerned. Francesco, the chef at 400 Gradi in Melbourne, Australia, has beaten the record by more than 40. di Francesco officially […]

As an addicted man, we have to sell livestock…

A warning about milk shortages next year Ahmed Moghaddasi, head of the Dairy Association said: “animal feed is scarce and has a high price. Red meat prices are also rising and have created incentives to sell livestock, which lead to a decline in milk and dairy production next year. livestock farmers had 1,300,000 livestock exports […]

Happy Pizza Day

You can say that Pizza Day started in the 10th century in Naples, Italy. This is when records first show the presence of pizza. It started out as a simple flatbread spread with sauce and sprinkled with cheese. I bet the women who most likely made this as a creative snack for their families had […]

Woman makes pizza-inspired dress

If food and fashion are your two main passion in life, the dress of your dreams may has just been created. American costume designer Olivia Mears has made a Pizza Dress. Apparently topped with pepperoni, olives, sliced peppers and mushrooms, it’s a colorful dress inspired by what was clearly a delicious pizza. A queen wearing […]

Cheese is addictive like Heroin…

According to the researches done in University of Michigan, foods with cheese cause people to have some kind of addiction. By using Yale method which determines addictiveness of food and 500 volunteers, researchers have found that Pizza is the most addictive food among 35 famous foods all over the world. Cheese burger and fat cheese […]

Pizza as a show of solidarity

Canadian air traffic controllers have bought their american counterparts hundreds of pizza as a show of solidarity during the US goverments’ partial shutdown. It has started first at Edmonton’s control center, where workers had buy pizzas for controllers in Anchorage, Alaska. Other facilities across Canada decided to join in and the idea snowballed from there. […]